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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Wet Felting Experiment

Experimental Wet Felting
Yesterday I did some experimental work. I wanted to felt around something 3d by wet felting, not needle felting. I wanted to make an abstract irregular shape. I tried to tie wool yarn around clumps of fiber fill in various areas. Then I covered that with wool roving, wet it down and started felting. The more I felted and the more it shrank, it turned into a ball about 5" across. I could not maintain the irregular shape. I need to figure a way to felt one area at a time I guess. Maybe it would work if I wrapped the fiber fill with silk fabric and tied in the shapes.
Anyway I ended up with this large ball/egg shape. So today I painted it with setasilk paint. I expected it to paint more solid but I think the fiber fill came more to the surface then I thought it would. So of course the paint did not adhere to the fiber fill only to the wool, giving it a very textural look. So now I call it my Thunder Egg. I had this felted stand I made for something else but it fit the egg perfectly. So much for experiments gone wrong!
If you wanted to make an egg filled with fiberfill and covered with felted wool roving it would be ideal for stitching and beading on.
Thunder Egg On Stand