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Monday, July 14, 2014

Wet Felted Cuffs

Cuffs Are Great Technique Practice
The last couple of days it's been 100 plus temperature. Not exactly good felting weather. But with free time I worked on these cuffs as practice doing a couple textural 3d techniques. The green one I embedded felted balls into the base then cut away the top layer to reveal them. The green base was free form felted.
The next cuff I felted over a resist. I made the first layer of one side teal colored. Then did the other layers brown. I lightly felted the piece and then made 3 vertical slits on one side to reveal the teal inside and cut open one end to remove the resist. I continued to felt and full the piece keeping the flaps the slits created from felting closed. I rolled it a bit trying to shrink the length but only the width seemed to shrink. So I threw it in the dryer. I still didn't shrink much more. I ended up cutting about an inch off one end. No harm done. I added some beads, not the best, but all I had. I cut a button hole and added a button closure. Also on the top layer I added a strip of white roving and two borders of teal boucle hand dyed yarn.