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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bubble felting technique

Cuff and Brooch
I made a practice piece using wood balls to make bubbles in a piece of wet felting. I can't just let it be a sample. Had to make something out of it. I needle felted the purple rings around the bubbles. Poked the bubbles inward and sewed some beads in the center of each one. Put it around my wrist and decided to make a cuff out of it. I had some left over felted cord that I made into a hook an loop closure. I needle felted that on to the cuff.
I also made a single bubble in a small piece of wet felting. I turned that into a brooch. I needle felted some yarn around the bubble and poked in the center and added a decorative button in the indention. All it needs now is a brooch pin attached to the back.