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Sunday, July 6, 2014

"Flora Fountain" Felted Vessel

One Piece Vessel with Flange
My project the last two days was this vessel. My intent was to create a vessel with a flared flange around the circumference.  I created the flange then placed it around the vessel with the lower unfelted edge placed at the middle of the vessel. This was placed after the 2nd layer of wool was wet down. Then I put two more layers of white on the top of the vessel. Then flipped up the flange and placed 2 more black wool layers on the bottom half of the vessel, overlapping the flange fluff edge to incorporate  it into the side of the vessel. Then I carefully began felting and rubbing making sure the flange remained free from the vessel 2/3 of the way up. I blew up a balloon inside to felt  and shape the vessel.
I'm playing around with embellishments. I had this felted flower I had already made in complimentary colors. The flower is not attached at this point. It can be removed. I placed an antique frog that just happened to fit in the opening and added some rope pieces I had felted earlier. I also needle felted some white locks around the top edge
"Flora Fountain"