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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Wet felted Vessel

Art Nouveau Vessel
The weather has cooled off a bit so I thought I would do an all day project. I already had this idea in my sketch book. I used Zinn Wool which works very well for vessels. On the top layer I added wisps of merino to make a variation of color. I allowed extra length in my resist pattern and three bump outs on the sides to accommodate the three folds. My resist included 3 multiple pieces taped together at the bottom to form the black extensions. They are not handles, just decorative design elements.
The vessel turned out pretty close to my sketch except for the black extensions. They were supposed to be free at the top but in order for them to be free I would or should have put wire in between the layers of wool so they had some strength and support. Instead I hand stitched the top edge of them to the vessel. I crimped them to give them an interesting shape and let them dry.
Detail of folds.

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