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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Flora Fountain Topper

Topper for Flora Fountain Vessel
Today I made an alternate topper for yesterday's vessel. I started out with a different plan but it shrank to small. So I decided to make the best of it not wanting to be wasteful. The black nob part that also goes down a couple of inches is the part that went wrong. I put a golf ball in it and fulled it to that shape and folded up from the bottom to make a thick edge around the bottom of the ball area. Next I felted a piece of the aqua colored wool in to an irregular square  shape. I cut a cross slit in the middle of this piece and slid the ball topper bottom thru the slit. That left 4 triangular tabs around the aqua area that I could needle felt to the black area. Now I was able to just gentle push the top into the top of the vessel forming another flange shape, repeating the flange on the vessel.

"Flora Fountain"