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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summer Felting

Wet Felted Vessels 

This week has been great for working on my felting. Although the weather has been warmer than I would like it it to be I had a lot of free time while our Bathroom is being remodeled. I did the next two vessels using a flat resist. The red one has silk waste and white Angelina fiber that gives a hint of sparkle that may not show up in the photo. The black and green vessel has silk hankies and glass stones embedded.


The next two vessels are wet felted with aluminum window screen encased between the layers. As far as I can find no one is doing this technique. I am still working on perfecting the process. It makes it possible to felt a flat surface and then be able to bend and sculpt it in to many varied shapes including square boxes etc. I'm still working on the wire cut edges to eliminate the thin wires from popping through the felted edges. The main thing is to leave some felted edge beyond the wire. Don't trim felting close to wire edge.

Back Side