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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Not a Square Bowl

Not Exactly a Square Bowl

Well I was working on a square bowl using my wire mesh method of felting. Sometimes things don't go as planned. I used a coarser longer fiber wool and some batt wool and it was to thick and too long and it didn't felt through the wire. The first time I used the wire I used just Merino wool and it worked great.

After I felted the project I cut one edge open and removed the wire mesh. Now it can either be a bag or a pillow cover. I needle felted some dyed silk scraps and yarn onto the bag to make a floral embellishment. Latter I will make a felted strap to attach to it and make it a bag.  If your projects don't turn out as planned you can usually use the felted wool for another project. So don't give creative!

I may add a little more detail in the way of more stem yarn needle felting. Then it needs a fabric lining. I will show a photo when it is completely finished.

I'm not giving up on the square bowl. Look forward to seeing it in the near future.