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Friday, September 20, 2013

Felted Vessel

Wet Felted Vessel With Craters

Today I thought I would try making craters on the sides of a vessel. I cut out a resist of plastic the shape I wanted and placed two layers of wool on each side. I then placed some gold wool in the areas I wanted to make the craters. Then I put plastic circles on top of that for a resist. Then I added the last two layer of wool covering the circles. The last layer was more decorative and I used a finer wool. I wet felted as usual and at the point where the big resist was removed I also located the circles by feel and cut a slit to remove them. I used my fingers to enlarge the hole and worked the edges of the hole to smooth and felt them. I then finished the felting process by fulling as usual. Then I shaped it and put a glass in it to help shape a flat bottom. Then set it aside to dry.