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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wool Felting With a Silk Fabric Insert

Test Piece With Silk Insert

Here is a test piece I just made this morning. This is a piece of my hand dyed silk inserted into a wool felted base. I laid out one thin vertical and one thin horizontal layer of wool roving. Then placed the cut out piece of silk fabric on top of the wool. Then I placed a thin wisp of roving around the edges of the fabric to embed it into place. Next I covered it with netting and wet it down with cold soapy water. Then I lightly rubbed it with a plastic grocery bag that was wadded up. Next I removed the netting and then placed another piece of bubble wrap on top and felted it with my electric sander. When it was completely felted I took it to the sink and rinsed in very hot water and culled it by throwing 25 times in the sink. Then rinsed in cold water and threw it 25 more times in the sink. This causes the shrinking and hardening of the fibers. Now stretch it out and let it dry.

After doing this sample I am ready to use this technique on a scarf, can't wait. 

            Silk insert sample piece.                   

Silk insert sample piece