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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Title 17

      Rainy Days Are Here.....Great Felting Weather

Yesterday morning I dyed eight chiffon silk scarves and some yarn and a piece of silk fabric.  I used Jacquard and Dharma Acid Dyes. I wanted to do small quantities of many colors so I researched and found a way to do that in one pot. By mixing your dyes and placing them into quart canning jars you can do up to seven different colors in a typical enamel canning pot. You can put up to 2 silk scarves in each jar. If you want a smooth all over solid color I would just put in one scarf so it gets well saturated with the dye bath. If you want a variegated or tie dye look cram two scarves into the jar and it will come out with a lot of variation in color like the fuchia piece shown below. You can tie fabric bundles or scarves with string or rubber bands and get wonderful patterns.   



SScarves ready for felting      Extra bits of dyed yarn for scarf embellishments

    Yesterday I Nuno felted the turquoise scarf with black flowers and white
    and rusty red accents. Today I did the deep wine scarf with cobweb roving
    that was pre variegated colors when I bought it.