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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wet Felted Wall Hanging

Multnomah Falls, Oregon


A couple months ago we took a road trip up the Oregon Coast and then inland up the Columbia River. We visited the Multnomah Falls. I was very impressed by the scene and all the vegetation surrounding the falls area. When I got home I decided to wet felt a wall hanging depicting what I had seen. 

The big shapes were wet felted with wool roving. I layed out 3 layers of wool then wet it all down with soap and water. Then I used the no roll method of felting by using a sander on the wool placed between 2 sheets of bubble wrap. After it was completely felted I finished the piece with traditional rinsing and fulling. Then I let it dry completely. Next I hand needle felted some textural yarns on for the various vegetation, the bridge and the figure.