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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Needle Felted Head....Stage 3

Life Size Needle Felted Head......stage 3
Now I am starting to refine the shape of the head. Flattening the sides and adding more wool to the chin....lengthening the face. Locating where the features will go and measuring and comparing to my model which is my husband. I have started with the nose.
I added more width to the nose and reshaped the nostrils. Sculpting with wool is much like clay. You can add and subtract as you go. You can even use scissors and trim off unwanted wool and needle in new wool.

You have to be conscious of the profile as well since this is 3 dimensional.  Here I have checked the depth of the nose. I think it's pretty close to accurate.
Check back soon. I will probably move on to the eyes and brow line next.  And will probably be adding more wool to the forehead area.....still adding more length to the face.

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