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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Life Size Head Demo....Stage 1

Life Size Needle Felted Head
Well here goes. The beginning stages of my first life size needle felted sculpted head. I decided to use poly batting for my base or core of the head. No use to waste good wool on the inside. I bundled up the poly batting in a ball and put netting around it and secured it with string. Then to form the back of the head I bundled up a smaller ball of batting placed on the first big ball and covered it with netting and hand stitched it together.
After bundling the first large ball I trimmed the netting off close to the tie.
As seen above I placed the smaller bundle of batting over the tie area of the big ball then covered it with netting and hand stitched it down around the edge roughly shaping it while I stitched.
Next I started needle felting wool around the stitched area to fill in and form a better head shape. Now I can continue with the needle felting process. Adding more wool and sculpting. Stay tune for more steps in the process.

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