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Thursday, October 24, 2013

How to Wet Felt a Square Bowl

How to wet felt a square bowl

Awhile back I showed a sketch from my digital sketchbook showing an idea I had for felting a square bowl. Well here it is and this is how I made it.

These instruction are for experienced felters who know basic felting techniques.

Step 1.  Cut a square of fine sculpting wire what ever size you want to make your bowl including the sides that will be folded up after felting.

Step 2.  Place wire on bubble wrap then lay out your wool fibers in two or 3 layers on each side of the wire as if you were making a vessel and the wire was your resist.

Step 3.  Place netting over wool and wet down with warm soapy water. Rub with your hands until fibers begin to felt. Flip whole thing over and rub the second side.

Step 4.  Remove netting and cover with bubble wrap top and bottom. I use my electric sander to complete the felting process. Sand for 5 to 8 minutes each side.

Step 5.  Remove from bubble wrap and take to sink rinse with very hot water. Drop it in the sink flat on each side several times. Then rinse in cold water. Repeat this step a couple more times to finish fulling.

Step 6.  Drain off excess water and pat dry with a towel. Set aside to dry.

Step 7.  While Square is drying make 4 - 1 1/2 inch felted balls for the feet. Check Internet for instructions on how to make felted beads or balls if you don't know how.

Step 8.  Needle felt design (flower) onto inside center of square. I used my multi needle felting tool and the needles go through the metal mesh nicely.

Step 9.  Take a metal ruler and fold up sides and crease to form bowl. Pinch corners to form square walls that meet in the corners.

Step 10.  Hot glue gun the felted ball feet to the bottom of each corner.


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