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Thursday, February 28, 2013

wall Hanging


Yesterday I received some silk hankies and throwster waste I ordered on the Internet. Couldn't wait to try them out. This is what I came up with. The base is wool with the large flowers made from the silk hankies. Bits of the silk waste fibers were used as leaves and flower centers. When the piece was completely felted and mostly dry I machine free motion embroidered and added hand done French knots for accents. I used wool pencil roving for the stems and let them run off the bottom edge. 


This is an experimental piece that I used a light and airy piece of lacy material that is probably some sort of plastic. It came around a bouquet of flowers. It was orange. I sandwiched it with pieces of cotton gauze. Then layered wool yarn and wool roving on top of that and wet felted it. The plastic mesh gave the piece some stength with out making it heavy. I would like to find out where to buy this type of material. Probable from a florist supply house.

This and many other felted items will be available for sale at my studio at the Art Studio Trek coming up in April. Check the website for AST at