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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fun and Funky Felting

Fun and Funky Felting at the Felt Fest 2013

On Sunday the workshop was Fun and Funky felting. We worked on Making felted cords to be used as purse handles, Bolos, and for slicing up to make beads and jewelry.

We also made a felted flower ring that can be worn as a ring or used as a scarf ring or hair embellishment. By making the ring a bit larger it could be used as napkin rings

Bolo with flower scarf ring and felted earrings with a bead embellishment.
Beads sliced from a felted cord strung with other beads as a necklace.
Felted ring with glass embedded center and beading.
Side view showing the finger ring loop.
Thank you to Nicola Brown and Everyone at the Tin Thimble for putting on the wonderful 2013 Felt Fest.